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En hommage à

Leila Mehra Mehta

Tribune de Genève


En mémoire de
Leila Mehra Mehta
au nom de Madhu MADAN

Leil Booaji was the brightest, sharpest & cleverest girl in the Mehta family & she qualified as a doctor & travelled the world at a time few women stepped out. She was classy, elegant always beautifully dressed. Leil Booaji lived her life to the fullest and on her own terms always standing up for what she felt was right. A strong & important pillar of our family she was loving and caring touching all our lives in so many ways. She was a role model for the women in our family to strive towards becoming strong & independent.
Being closest for my dad, she represented him for me once my dad was gone.
I have many many fond memories of times spent with her and how she always remembered to bring some little gift for me whenever she travelled when I was growing up.
We are blessed to have had her in our midst and will forever cherish wonderful memories of her .
May she rest in eternal peace … perhaps having tea with her brother Yog and the rest of our elders 💖